Online Bookie Tips: When to Change Your Bettor’s Limits Permanently

Friday, 11 August 2017 / Published in Bookie Tips

As online bookies, we make difficult decisions on a daily basis. These decisions must be made to improve the life our sportsbooks and to ensure our businesses are a success.

One of the most difficult situations I have had to navigate has involved my bettors’ betting limit.

A betting limit is sometimes a last resort, but one that I have had to use more than once to ensure my sportsbook continued to be profitable.

A betting limit isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be used in a way to stop bettors from wagering money they don’t have.

In some cases, a betting limit sees an increase, but more often it is the other way around.

One of the great aspects of WagerSolutions sportsbook software is it keeps you from losing money. And its’ tools help you collect your money before it is too late.

Sportsbook Software Tools

One of the best tools that WagerSolutions offers is the settle alert. This tool lets you know when it is time to collect from bettors, and even payout.

It also allows online bookies to create a pre-settle alert that reminds them to collect from a bettor before the settle limit is reached.

If online bookies can collect money before a bettor reaches the settle limit, then enforcing a settle limit isn’t needed.

But sometimes there are those bettors that reach the settle limit. So, what do you do then?

Changing Limits

It isn’t a fun conversation to have with a customer, and it is one I am able to avoid thanks to Wager Solutions sportsbook software today.

However, there was a time I didn’t use their premium software and had to inform customers their betting limit was being lowered.

Keep in mind, a customer’s limit doesn’t always have to be a positive number. It is also important to know that those bettors who just don’t want to pay up should be cut off completely.

It isn’t worth the headaches to let them take advantage of your service. If more customers find out that you are being taken advantage of, you can bet they will do it too.

Limits Increase

Changing a betting limit is usually a negative thing. But, there are times when the limit has been increased.

The reason to increase the limit is due to a customer showing they can pay up when it is time. By raising the betting limit, you are showing trust in your customer, and they could reward you by wagering more money.

Be Aware

A lot of online bookies will raise the betting limit for their sharp bettors and not the casuals. Sharps are more likely to win.

Be careful with adjusting the betting limit for casual bettors as they may bet far too much and have difficult paying once the limit is reach.

WagerSolutions sportsbook software has everything an online bookie needs to run their business.


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